Mission & Values

The Evanosky Foundation supports pediatric leukodystrophy research, universal newborn screening, and children and families affected by a leukodystrophy, lysosomal storage disorders, or other disabling pediatric conditions. We are a dynamic organization committed to seeing meaningful change and improvement in each of these areas.

Core Values

  • We believe in each child’s right to live his life to the fullest and achieve his full potential.
  • We are compelled by our faith to help our fellow man during times of extreme need.
  • We vow to be faithful stewards of all monies raised, and promise to respect individual donors’ requests pertaining to use of their funds.
  • We commit to being partners in everything we do.
  • We promise to be responsive to needs and requests, and to see each of our efforts through to fruition.
  • We will be proactive, seeking out those who need help.
  • We pledge our lifelong commitment to this endeavor.