2006 Silent Auction and Raffle

Thank you to everyone who helped, donated to, or attended the Foundation’s first silent auction on August 4, 2006. This event raised over $30,000 to help support research to find a cure for MLD!

All monies raised from the Silent Auction will go towards the Duke Pediatric BMT Research Fund which will support Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg’s research at Duke University. These monies will be used to progress research in cell replacement therapy for MLD (metachromatic leukodystrophy) and Krabbe Disease (another leukodystrophy). Click here for more details on the benefits of this research.

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets!

Prize Winners

  1. First Prize: 20” Samsung Super-Slim Flat Panel LCD Television with Built-In Speakers
    Winner: Suzanne Mizgata
  2. Second Prize: 30 GB Apple iPod 30
    Winner: Amy McKenzie
  3. Third Prize: Garmin eTrex Legend C Handheld GPS with colored screen
    Winner: Kaiser Construction Services