iPad Donation to Duke Children's 5200 Unit


In a generous and unique addition to their wedding plans, John and Karen Harris decided to forego giving their guests the usual wedding favors and instead chose to purchase iPads for the 5200 transplant unit at Duke Children’s Hospital. The amount that John and Karen donated was matched by The Evanosky Foundation, which allowed the purchase of 5 iPads along with a $500 iTunes gift card.

The iPads have already been used to distract patients during difficult medical procedures, connect via Skype with friends and family, play games, and learn about medical procedures and the human body.

John Harris befriended the Evanosky family in 2009 while they were living in the apartment complex near Duke University during John Evanosky’s stem cell transplant. Originally from Virginia, John had moved to Durham with his fiance, Karen, while she attended Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. John became integrally involved in the House of Hope program, and worked with all of the families who utilized the apartments. John and Karen were married in June 2011, and donated the iPads in July. They have now moved to New York and we wish them the best as they start their new life! We are confident that their iPad gift will be a tool to help many children start their new lives on the transplant unit as well!