Jack's Library


Jack’s Library provides books and movies (DVDs) to children who are undergoing transplants for metabolic disorders (like MLD), leukemia or other cancers.

  • Children of all ages — from 2 days to 18 years old — go through these very critical treatments. In general, if the transplant is not successful, the child will not survive, so the stress level and gravity of the situation can be very overwhelming for both the child and the parents.
  • These children are typically hospitalized for 2-3 months while they receive chemotherapy and other drugs that completely destroy their immune system. Because of this, they are very susceptible to germs and infections and something as simple as a common cold can become life threatening.
  • As a result, we ask that all books or DVDs be brand new. Books are not shared, but each child is given a book to keep, as germs can be transmitted on the pages of a book. Since they can be cleaned, DVDs are shared and kept in a central location on the floor of the hospital so that they can be checked out by various patients.
  • Books and movies in both Spanish and English are welcome.
  • Jack’s Library accepts donations by cash, check or credit card (click here to visit our Make a Donation page), and these funds are used to purchase books or DVDs. You can also donate new books or movies that you have purchased. In both cases, donations are tax deductible and The Evanosky Foundation will provide a receipt for tax purposes.
  • To make sure that the right amount of resources are available, the Foundation has developed a wish list on Amazon.com of materials currently being requested by the Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit (PBMT) at Duke University. Join iGive.com and 2% of your Amazon.com purchases will be donated to The Evanosky Foundation — at no cost to you!

Jack’s Library donations to Duke Children’s Hospital


On May 2, 2008, The Evanosky Foundation donated books and movies worth $1,700 to Duke Children’s Hospital Pediatric Blood & Marrow Transplant Family Support program! The new books were earned as a result of The Evanosky Foundation’s Book Drive with Usborne Books in the fall of 2007. Books for all age ranges were included, and this year, many Spanish books were donated as well. “We are excited about the Spanish books, as we have many Spanish-speaking patients,” commented Lindsey Kearns, Director for the Family Support Program. In addition to books, many Usborne “Kid Kits” were also donated, which include hands-on art and science projects that are uniquely designed for children. Along with the book donation, many new release DVDs were given to the unit as well. Since children are usually on a significant amount of medication and can have difficulty with fine motor skills, movies are a welcome distraction while patients are in the hospital.

Jack’s Library donations to Children’s Memorial Hospital


On December 12, 2007, Bob and Jack Evanosky presented the Children’s Memorial Hospital transplant team with over $700 in Usborne Books along with 4 DVD/VCR combination units and mounting brackets. Thanks for all of your support from our October book drive! Donations to Duke Children’s Hospital will be made soon!

Duke University Children’s Hospital School receives over $1,000 in resources!


The Evanosky Foundation purchased 15 instructional media DVDs, 4 electronic dictionaries, and 5 licenses to edHelper.com (a website that provides educational content and assistance to teachers) to benefit the Duke University Children’s Hospital. This dedicated group of teachers works with children who are going through the transplant process at Duke to make sure that children do not fall behind in their academic studies.

The Evanosky Foundation met with the teachers at the Duke University Children’s Hospital school in the summer of 2006 to identify their “wish list” of items to improve the education experience, and we were pleased that we were able to assist in this important effort. If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please see the wish list on Amazon.

First Donation of Jack’s Library books donated on April 5, 2006


During Jack Evanosky’s one-year post-transplant tests at Duke University in April 2006, Jack and his parents presented the “5200” pediatric stem cell transplant unit at Duke Children’s Hospital with the first book donations to Jack’s Library. Because of infection control requirements, books cannot be shared between patients, so The Evanosky Foundation
donated the books to the unit to be given to individual patients. Amber, one of the Child Life
Specialists, was very pleased to receive the donation. “We often do not get book donations, or when we do, we cannot use them because the books are not new or the source is unknown,” Amber said. “These books will be very welcome on the unit.” One of the children who was present during the book donation spotted a few books she would like as well as her “neighbor” on the unit. In addition to paper books, the Foundation is now also purchasing books on CD. Because the CDs can be wiped free of germs, these audio books will serve as true library books. Finally, the Foundation also purchased a variety of magazine subscriptions for the unit that appeal to all age groups, including parents. Your donations are making a difference!